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At Inbox My Articles we are a team of energetic entrepreneurs and technologists who want to help solve the world's problems. We love to read either they be books, or articles posted by news agencies. We looked high and low, and found many services which do something similar to Inbox My Articles, but we were not happy. They did not target the "entrepreneur". Those services are too general and do not contain the articles that we as entrepreneurs want to read. We also know that entrepreneurs have very limited time and 24 hours is not enough. By building this service, we also trying to help the entrepreneur to save his time and also ensure that he learns.

Since its launch Inbox My Articles has evolved and pivoted in order to bring what our users want. We are working hard to provide top quality content for our readers, and we are working hard to make Inbox My Articles an experience to remember.

Inbox My Articles is one of the leading company in the field of News Aggregating. We provide one place new aggregating services solutions across Internet world. The beauty of Inbox My Articles is that it provides best aggregating services across multiple platforms on your desktop or mobile device, it provides you a gateway to the latest news, some of the best blogs on the web, and you can even add your own favorites, customize your experience of reading news, and add the sites that you read more often. You will receive a rich reading experience in multimedia and image in a minimalist interface that you can concentrate on reading the news. When you're ready, you can share interesting topics with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Moreover, it is totally free.

Inbox My Articles robust feeds and lets you add many feeds as per your requirement, organize , read everything, select topics or RSS feeds, or anything that you missed since your last update. Inbox My Articles has very large collection of blogs and articles from different sectors that fulfills you news aggregation requirements they are as follows:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Technology
  3. Self Help
  4. Sales & Marketing
  5. Science
  6. Design

You have some control over which sources you read and what topics you read, but if you want a unique look for the day Top Stories, causing a large pulse work to provide you anywhere. We ensure that we deliver a best quality articles from the leading sources across the Internet to make your life hustle free, now you don’t have search and subscribe to different articles site, instead you can get news all at one place on Inbox My Articles, that’s why we have been recognized by leading brands across Internet that includes:

  1. CrunchBase
  2. Launching Next